Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wedding Sketchbook

So, I'm finally getting married and I want the details of the event to perfectly reflect my soon to be hubby and me. That's why I'm making a wedding sketchbook.

Like personal websites, most weddings have a guest book and ours will be no exception. However, I'm not satisfied with signatures. I want doodles! I have been obsessed with art my whole life. Even thought I don't find the time to doodle everyday, I carry at least one sketchbook with me at all times and I keep a note pad and pencil by my bed. I am a proud deviantArt subscriber and find inspiration through other artists all across the internet.

I love to inspire people to draw by sharing comments and critique and although only a few of my wedding guests actually consider themselves artists, I'm looking forward to encouraging the others to let loose and just doodle for the fun of it. Heck, I may even bring some colored pens or pencils... better yet, CRAYONS! That will bring out the kid in everyone and hopefully they'll get past any awkward performance anxiety and just have fun with it.

Check my latest deviation for the art I will use on the cover.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sonic Fan Fights City Hall for Hedgehog & Wins!

The Sonic fandom is alive and well in today's youth. reported that 11 year-old Judson King became so enamored with Sonic the Hedgehog that he decided he needed a real hedgehog. Unfortuantly the animal code in his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas prohibited hedgehogs in the city limits.  

Judson wasn't satisfied and asked his mom "How do we make them legal?" According to, Jusdon researched every night for three years then sent a letter to city commissioners in January 2008,  asking them why they didn't like hedgehogs.  

Eleven months later, commissioners put his issue on a city commission agenda. Judson arrived in a suit and tie, armed with personalized folders full of hedgehog facts for each of the commissioners. It was no contest. Commissioners could not find a good reason why they were banned in the first place.

It took three years, but Judson got his pet hedgehog for Christmas.  You go little dude!