Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Google Image Search: With COLOR!

I just happened to notice today that Google Image Search now lets your search for images of a specific color.  How awesome is that?

I have no idea when this happened, but I just felt I had to make a note of it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tegaki vs. Oekaki

So I am experimenting with a Tegaki E blog.  For some reason I expected it to be more advanced than my old Oekaki board.  So far I'm not that impressed...

Don't get me wrong, the whole concept of a doodle blog is awesome.  I love the idea that people can respond to your art with more art.  It seems like a great medium for role playing artists like myself, if you have someone to draw with, that is.  

Still the actual Tegaki tools are basic.  You can zoom, but you can't scroll.  You can pick colors from a large pallette, but there's no paint bucket.  You can change opacity but there is no watercolor brush.  Everything is on a single layer and there is no mask mode.  At least you can save and retouch your work.

Basic advise for anyone who wants to use an internet based drawing program:  Take screenshots often!

If you want to look me up on Tegaki, I don't really have anything up yet.  But you can find me here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tekkoshocon 2009

Tekkoshocon 2009 was a hit!  The Artists Alley experience this year was much improved over the previous year.  We joined a new fandom, met up with old friends and made new friends.  

No question, we will return in 2010.