Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tekkoshocon 2008

as a convention was a bust... However my friends made the con special! This year we participated in Artist's Alley for the first time. Artistically it was a great experience. I met a lot of great artists and shared my work with a lot of Otaku! Here are some pictures of the crew and our table.

My end of the table (The Al head belongs to our friend Bill and was for display only)

Dani made some awesome clocks and her buttons were so clever!

Ari's crocheted items were a big hit!

Me, my Envy wig and my girls! I met these two maybe three years ago. They stole my heart with their Greed and Envy cosplay and I look for them every year! <3>

I hope the Tekko staff gets their stuff together next year. The Greentree Radisson is no place for a con that big. It was cramped and miserable. Lines were terrible and there were a lot of rude con-ops. There were a lot of nice, helpful volunteers... but the incident in Artist's Alley was so unbelievable that a lot of people are talking about not going back next year. I hope that Tekko takes all of the negative feedback that it has received to heart and makes some necessary changes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A New Day, A New Web Comic

No, really! I've been keeping this under wraps for a while now but today, an online newspaper geared to new writers and those involved in the literary industry, was officially launched along with my comic "Monkey In The Middle: a primate example of the writer's plight"

Monkey In The Middle is a simple story about a writer trying to get published. Imma Monkey has a story to tell and won't let anything get in her way! Join her as she takes on troublesome technology, intense industry professionals, and personal procastination.